Dazed & Confused

I am most definitely referencing a Led Zeppelin song in my title of the post.

Anyway, the past few days have been quite the whirlwind.

I am still super tired from traveling and the orientation days that we have had. Everything is sort of running together and I don’t even have the energy to talk about it all.

Once I do find the energy, I will surely go into more detail. I am basically super shocked at the culture here. I thought that more people would speak English more fluently. A lot of the Swedes only speak Swedish, from what I can hear, and the Germans are able to pick it up way more easily than I am. Most students here are either from Germany or from China. I have met a really nice girl from Canada though (yay, North Americans unite) which is great.

The food is something that I don’t understand. The packaging is in Swedish, so I don’t know what I am buying. The people eat very differently here, I think that they snack more vs. eating a meal. I miss the food from home already. There is a Subway about 20 minutes away from my apartment which is a bit of a consolation.

I have met some extremely wonderful people here so far. Without them, I would feel even further from home. I hope that I can adjust more here and I hope that I will learn to love it. For now, I am tired and I do miss home quite a bit.

Sorry, this is a really really lame post. My brain is just mush and I don’t have anything much to say I guess, or if I do, I can’t seem to find the correct words for it.

  • with love from Sweden

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