Jenn’s Ramblings

Isn’t it odd. The people you meet, the places you go. So many are just a fleeting memory, jaded by the time gone by. I never would have thought that I would meet as many people as I have in such a quick amount of time. I am used to slowly getting to know people in my classes, but studying abroad sort of forces you to get to know people quickly, which is definitely not a bad thing.

Everything seems so intensely real right now. Each new situation appears to be such a big deal yet I will probably forget half of this years from now. I can’t even believe that although I know it is true. I think that this realization has really hit me hard. My life has had so many intense moments that are now gone and I find that to be such a strange thing about life. The world can feel like it is caving in below you & yet it really is just a moment. Life is just a series of moments woven together into this “L” word, life.

I guess that I am craving to know how to live each moment with a purpose and with calmness. I think that having a purpose and trusting in Him is such an important part of everyday life. I tend to look over my blessings and turn right toward what is going wrong. I know that I have a ton of blessings at home. I have a great school, fantastic friends, a nice apartment, good neighbors, a great place to work (with A+ coworkers), an amazing amazing choir to sing in, and top notch professors. I really do have it made. Coming here has made me realize all of the great things that I have at home. I appreciate the little things here so far. I appreciate the way my friends make me laugh and support me. I appreciate the amazing milk, apple juice, mango juice, and cookies. I appreciate the time I had eating at Subway today, feeling like a true American. I appreciate how kind the girl is at the Espresso House to me, while I try to understand her Swedish.

So, my late night ramblings are coming to a close. There was really no point to this, and I am sorry that it is just jumbled thoughts. I simply have a lot of them right now.

  • J, with love from Sweden.

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