The Days You Don’t Expect

Study abroad is a really complicated matter. From the paperwork, to the tough decisions, packing, and processing all that is happening, it can be quite daunting. It is totally worth it though. The growth that I have experienced already could never be measured.

The problem, or reward (it’s all perspective), is that you could never be prepared for all that faces you. I am a person that likes to be prepared and fully aware of what I am facing. This is one reason why I decided to go abroad. I wanted to help myself to realize that I can’t possibly control everything around me and that is okay. That is healthy. That is life.

There’s just some moments that totally suck. They really do. And I am not afraid to admit that. Whenever I am bored, and alone, I tend to think way too much. I start missing home and all that comes with it. I miss the things I am involved in and the people that I get to see everyday. I am pretty sure that this is completely normal to feel. And even if it’s not, I still feel that way and that’s alright. Anyway, I hope that anyone reading this who is considering studying abroad must realize that it’s not all fun & travel. It’s also filled with many dull moments, ordinary moments. Just like you would experience at home, but abroad. Which is completely different. This is very important and will ultimately help you grow as a person. Learning to deal with missing your life at home will only help you to appreciate the amazing opportunities that remain at home!

randomly inserting my favorite song lyric because it’s my blog because I CAN:


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