The Waves

I find it to be completely insane that I can walk past a television & see that someone has, once again, been carelessly shot and keep walking like it’s becoming part of my daily routine.

As most people are, I am outraged and saddened over the countless acts of violence that continue to occur. Sometimes I feel sad for absolutely no reason that I can think of. There’s no specific reason for my sadness in the moment, it just comes over me and I can’t help it. I often wonder if my random bursts of sadness is because of how helpless I feel.

It’s hard to accept that I can do absolutely nothing to comfort these people, to save them, to change things; The state of the world is truly overwhelming at times.

Let’s view our lives as an ocean for a moment:

We are the waves. Mingling with other waves, crashing into each other at times, all trying to approach  the shore. The sometimes dark, foggy, and long nights are routinely relieved by the rising of the sun. All that surrounds the waves is the contrast between dark and light. Sometimes there are tsunamis, the rumbling of the Earth below…disrupting each wave in a different way.  The constant pulling and retreating of the tide, the inability to even see the shore, the struggle to know where the end even is; All a part of being a wave.

Each wave eventually reaches the shore and the long journey is over. Some arrive with great force, some glide in like they are ready for sleep. Like us, each wave that approaches is so tiny and fickle compared to the rest of the universe.

I have known too many people who’s lives have been cut short lately. I wonder if they feel free from all of the violence now. I can only imagine what it feels like to be without any of this world’s pain and suffering.

Kindness: My point to the ocean comparison. All of the waves are stuck in this giant ocean together. We can’t escape until we reach the shore. I think that America is suffering, the world in general is suffering, and I don’t see how being a little more kind to each other could hurt.

This ridiculous violence needs to stop. I can’t stop it myself but I will not become cold and closed-off from others because of it. In addition, I will not give-in to the thoughts of the candidates of this absurd Presidential election that is approaching.  The hateful words spewed out of these candidates’ mouths towards others is disgusting and I think that they could learn a little more about kindness (obviously I am mainly referring to good ol’ Trump).

I know that being kinder to the people around you won’t stop these shootings or heal the hearts of the slain, yet it is the only thing I can think of to give any remedy to what is happening in this world. When I am tempted to be less kind, understanding, and forgiving to those around me than I know I have in my heart to be–I should remember that this world has enough problems. I don’t want to be a part of the world, I want to be apart from it. I want to show the love of He who is greater than I through my actions.

“Not only do self-love and love of others go hand in hand but ultimately they are indistinguishable.” – M. Scott Peck






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