Oh, I guess this is what it’s like.

Awaiting graduation day filled me with excitement and anticipation laced with a bit of anxiety. I couldn’t BELIEVE this was happening already. College went extremely quickly for me as I technically attended three colleges. I went to college in Michigan, Sweden, and Southern Indiana. Moving so many times in four years was weird and I am thankful to finally be settled where I am. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great time of adventure, but I kind of like knowing I live in one place and one place only.

The actual graduation ceremony was, for me, highly anticlimactic. I just walked across the stage, got an empty diploma, and sat back down. It didn’t feel real and I definitely didn’t feel accomplished like I thought I would. At my college, we still had finals after graduation so many people were still stressed out with final exams coming up even though they were graduation. Now, after all of my assignments are turned in, I feel totally relieved like I thought I would on graduation day. It’s ok, it settled in a few days later. The lesson here is to have no expectations for actual graduation day and just go with the flow. It’s more for your family and they will probably be more excited for you than you are for yourself! I was also .01 away from graduating with honors…so that burned (yea, I am still bitter even though it doesn’t matter in reality).

So, you may ask:

What does the big picture look like for me? 

I can’t imagine a life where I go home from work and feel like I helped a total of 0 human beings. I need to know that I helped someone, relived their stress, comforted them–anything to know I am helping the human race. I imagine a life where I feel rewarded in that sense. Secondly, A DOG IS A MUST. In fact, we are getting a Labradoodle puppy in August, and let me tell you, I AM EXCITED. Animals reach a part of my heart that humans just cannot and I am so excited to love this dog during his (amazing) life! Also, music (and Devin) are two very important facets in my life and I am not planning on living without either of those. All I want is a career that allows me to help others and allows me the income to travel and live comfortably (and spoil my dog).

What am I afraid of most?

One of my greatest fears is that I become complacent. I see so many people settling for mediocre lives, loves, careers, etc..! I refuse to be one of those people. I will always strive to work toward the best life I can possibly live. This includes putting real work into relationships, evaluating my career path throughout my life, and making sure I am doing things I love. This includes taking care of my body both physically and spiritually. I refuse to be mediocre or allow mediocre situations to consume me. I am always chasing the greatness!

What am I most hopeful for?

I hope and pray that I am making my Grammy proud. I still miss her a lot (I also miss Thom) and I hope that they can see I am doing well. I also am hopeful to see more of the wonderful world that I live in. I am hopeful for further adventures, learning how to raise  a puppy, and learning to love deeper everyday. I’ve found the greatest person to share my life with and I am hopeful that we can learn to love each other more and more, even on the hard days (which are surprisingly few so far).

What is the most valuable lesson I learned in college?

Patience, perseverance, and tolerance. It happens in the workplace and the classroom–you will be doing mind-numbing and often tedious tasks to achieve a goal. It’s the way the world works and persevering through them while embracing patience is crucial to ever completing a task well. This happens in music and business. I have learned extreme detail-orientation through music and have applied that to all things in the business world. Take your passion and find a linkage to your career (if they aren’t the same) and you would be amazed what can happen!

What am I most thankful for?

I still say it, even after graduation college, I had AMAZING teachers growing up. From my experience in both a public and private school–it was great. I was inspired and encouraged from all but ONE (not going to name names, but she was awful) and I am thankful for all of them. I’m especially thankful for my music teachers! To my surprise, I had just as great professors who have become like friends to me now. They have encouraged me, mentored me, and believed in me when I couldn’t. Not all heroes wear capes! 😉

Secondly, I am thankful for my family, my friends, my friends’ family, and all of the people in between. Many of my friends are NOT near me (like all of them) but I know I still have them and can visit them. I have friends on every continent and nearly every state at this point–someone please come live in Evansville! 😉


I will give you an update on my job, life, future puppy, and all of those other fun topics in a later post. I love writing and I’m not planning on stopping. Devin and I are leaving tomorrow for a two-week road trip on the east coast! Send positive thoughts our way as we may kill each other over directions and music choices (just kidding, kind of).



3 thoughts on “Oh, I guess this is what it’s like.”

  1. Hey Jennifer,

    First, I wanted to say Congratulations on your completion of college. Many people in this country but even more so outside of this country, do not get the chance to have the educational opportunity that is even k-12, let along college so that is certainly an achievement itself. On another note, I can relate with what you said about your graduation itself. I walked on the stage for a few seconds, only to end up back in my seat with no overflowing of any particular emotion…as far as I can remember. Everyone around me was more excited than I was and a year later though, I do wish I would have just taken in the day a lot more because truly it’s only a once in a lifetime type of day. I could graduate again but never again in the same way.

    Best wishes moving forward, though ~
    ~ Bre

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